In my attempt to make therapy services more accessible for our community, I also would like to offer some funding options for clients.In working with most First Nations communities, I have been very fortunate in developing a long-standing connection and exceptional working relationship in providing services to local First Nation band members.

If you are connected with one of these affiliates, you are eligible for funded counselling support and can contact the office directly to arrange your confidential counselling session.

·         Haisla Nation

·         First Nations Health Authority

·         Nisga’a Valley health

·         Iskut Health


·         Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Many employees have a benefit package that offers sponsorship for counselling for the employee and family members. Employers benefit packages may also offer post counselling reimbursement for counselling. Please contact your EAP benefits to confirm.

Midnight Sun Counselling is strongly affiliated with major EAP programs. If you are connected with the following EAPs, you can contact your benefits plan and request a referral to me. Clicking on the links below will help you access the EAP website.

·         Homewood Health

·         Morneau-Shepell

·         Lifeworks

·         Brown Crawshaw

·         Arete

·         Family Services EAP